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TOPCats on the Ridge, Inc. was organized to provide for the welfare of feral, homeless, and abandoned cats in the Paradise area. We adhere to the policy of Trap/Neuter/Return to humanely control the population of local colonies of feral cats.  We aren’t a shelter so we don’t accept cats. 

We strive to educate the public on the importance of spaying or neutering their cats.  We hope to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens .

TOPCats relies mainly on donations to fund our program. We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, so donations are tax deductible. Please contact us if you would like to be on an email list to be made aware of any upcoming events. 

If you would like to keep up with our daily activities please like our Facebook page TOPCats on the Ridge.

Board of Directors

  • Tamara Lynch
  • Elizabeth Thoms
  • Eloise Reed
TOPCats on the Ridge

Feline spay/neuter vouchers available

TOPCats has feline spay/neuter vouchers available for use at PAWS of Oroville. These vouchers may be used by low-income residents of Paradise, Magalia, and Stirling City. Eligibility will be determined by need and funds available.  Download your application HERE and follow instructions.

Help TOPCats by Shopping at IGive.com

You can raise funds for TOPCats by starting your shopping at www.Igive.com.  There are thousands of stores to choose from and each one gives a portion to the charity of your choice.  Just make sure to start at Igive first and choose TOPCats as your charity.

Camp Fire

November 8, 2018 changed all of our lives.  Most of our volunteers lost their homes, and TOPCats lost our holding station where cats could recover.  We also lost all of our equipment.  However, quite a few of our colony cats survived and we are able to feed and care for them daily.  We are now working with other groups to aid and remove some of the cats from the burn zone.  These animals will be spayed or neutered and receive medical care.  We also have vouchers available for displaced Paradise residents.  Our mailing address remains the same. 

 Wanda Stelling has been trapping on the Ridge since right after the fire.  She is now trapping cats for spay/neuter and vaccines.  Shelley Herrick has been fostering lots of little ones to get ready for adoption.  Things are getting closer to “normal” for all of us.

UPDATE:  We’re very sad to announce that Wanda passed away this spring.  Her passing leaves a huge hole in our organization and in our hearts.  Please be patient as we try to get more people involved with trapping.  Wanda will be missed by so many.

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TOPCats on the Ridge Inc.
PO Box 2281
Paradise, CA 95967

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This is Peach. Her right ear was tipped meaning she has been spayed and vaccinated. Eartipping is the universal sign of a neutered feral cat. The procedure involves removing approximately a quarter-inch off the tip of the cat's left ear in a straight line cut. This is done while the cat is anesthetized for spay/neutering and healing is rapid. This avoids needless trapping and surgery.
Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.
Neighborhood Cats believes Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the most humane and effective method available to end the severe feral cat overpopulation crisis faced by this country.